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To be a leading Agric co-operative society across Africa.


Taking the African farmers to the Global markets

Sourcing and Produce Farmers Co-operative, taking the African farmer to the Global Market place.

We are all Farmers!!

Sourcing and Produce Farmers co-operative is owned and managed by Sourcing and Produce Ltd, an agric export company with operations in Nigeria, USA, Tanzania and recently Malawi.

Our expertise in Africa’s agric export industry is significant, we are leveraging our experience to bring African farmers to the global market place. We have indirectly worked with over 1,500 farmers in the last 2 years.

Our trading as global agric traders means that we know where the markets and global standards are and we can guarantee a ready off taker to African farmers.

Our team as been directly involved in exporting 10agric commodities to 35 countries in a decade. From your Chilli, Cashew Nuts, Beans, Ginger, Hibiscus, Sesame and more we have done it.

Depending on the strategy for the year, we manage our own farms and also engage farmers in contract farming in Nigeria and Tanzania.

The farmers are the bedrock of what we do as agric exporters.  As at today (2023), we have 288 farmers under our management, our vision is to grow these numbers.

At Sourcing and Produce farmers’ Co-operative, we are taking the African farmer to the Global Market place.


We are taking the African farmer to the Global Market Place.

Our focus is to empower the African farmers to ensure farm produce can be traded globally.

We do this by often entering an agreement with the farming community on what to plant and we guarantee that we would buy their produce at a competitive price.

We have done this successfully in Tanzania and Nigeria. We provide the seeds, fertilizer and best practice expertise to ensure a successful harvest.

We engage the farmers on behalf of our global suppliers.

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